Sunday, May 13, 2012

In the Groove

It has been a long journey back to health, but I'm slowly getting there. Thank you to all of my patient readers.

Sitting is still a painful thing, but I've been managing to get a little sewing done. I made a set of (ugly) napkins with that sinister chartreuse cotton. No pictures were taken, but the design turned out well.

This little black dress was a labour of love for my best friend. Her mother recently passed away and her daughter wore this dress to the funeral. It was all I could do for her besides cry with her and bring beer.

And my little Pixie asked so politely if I could make more diapers for her baby: this is my pattern.

She picked out her favorite fabrics from stash (all flannelette). We cut them together (well, she hovered while I cut). Here they are pinned right sides together, with opening left for turning. Sew, clip (very important), turn, push out corners, press. Then edgestitch.

With the addition of a few strategic pieces of velcro, my Pixie's baby is now styling is brand new cloth diapers.

My plans for the near future include a couple of larger-sized sundresses for two very rapidly growing girls. I have the same list of quilts to work on. And I might try my hand at creating oven mitts for a small project.

In other (non-sewing) arenas, I've been focusing on removing toxins from our environment in order to benefit both our health and the ecosystem. I am proud to report that I quit using shampoo and conditioner (google "no poo"), made my first batches of spoon oil and liquid dish soap, and I'm switching my household cleaners from "environmentally friendly and expensive" to "environmentally friendly and super cheap." I'm excited about how easy the cheap formulas work. I may never buy another cleaning product again! I'm extending my knowledge of herbs and home remedies to accumulating a stash of first aid and homeopathic treatments. You gotta start with what you know and go from there, right?

And now on to a Happy Mother's Day shoutout to Gramady, Nanny, and any other mothers who read this humble little blog. Nanny was the happy recipient of a sackful of whole cacao beans. I believe she suffered from bitter chocolate overload, cause she wants to grind them to mix with sweetie things. Gramady, we have your treats and I apologize for not sending them earlier. I procrastinated (hanging head in shame).

Have the best day, everyone! It's sunny and hot today....I may work in my garden after the indulgence of a nap. Sounds like a good day!

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