Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Being back at my sewing machine feels like coming up for air after a long dive. It feels great to stretch my creativity again; to live in bright, maddening colour; to enjoy the fruit of my labours without having to change diapers, lol.

I reorganized my creative space. Ironing board is to the left, sewing machine on  the right.

Can you tell? I've been plugging away at new blocks for Rambo Bright. Here are the two I've completed so far. More coming each week from now on.....I have an invisible deadline to meet!

I've also been splurging on some fabric.....I bought a few quilter's quarters, I bought a new (very large) can of 505 - so worth the price to save my back from further mishap - and I brought home a bolt of bleached muslin. Muslin is my favorite cotton to use as background, foundation, backing, body blocks, toiles. It is comforting to have an entire bolt to myself.

This last project was created last week. I wanted to post before today but, alas, no camera usb cord! Problem solved (obviously) and you get to enjoy a wordless tutorial featuring the face of my darling Pixie. If you need further instructions, please ask in the comments. If I know one thing about quilters, it's that you guys can figure things out!

Presenting: String Starburst Pillow.

Have a creative day!


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