Thursday, February 28, 2013

Moving Right Along

This is a stack of 36 completed blocks for my Green Monstrosity quilt. I second guessed my redesign (or was that third guess?) and now I need another 13 blocks. I know the end product will make me happy, but I am a quilter who loathes accurate cutting.

The reason I'm telling you about despising accurate cutting is because I need a break from regimental quilting. Big green is going to be set aside because March has some actual deadlines! By the end of the month I need to have produced two spring dresses for my girls and a commissioned baby quilt.

That, and a quilt of this size intimidates me....I don't have the cash to send it out for long arm quilting quite yet. It's not an urgent finish. But stick around - I'm going to share my un-patented method of sashing-as-you-go.

Bye bye Monster....until later.
Baby quilt. I pulled these scraps from a previously sorted bin. They're all flannelette.

Inspiration at the top of the photo - my Pixie at two weeks.
Here's a better shot of the colour mix.

I'm going to do my best to show you my strange improv process. It's a little more than grab-and sew. Here is an example of my results:

Made in 2011 for my BFF's daughter.
I welcome you to join in my sewing frenzy. I have two weeks to make a finished quilt if I'm to have any hope of getting Easter dresses done on time. It won't be a quilt along, but it should make sense to follow. I can't wait to see what my brain churns out this year!

Joining my scrap grab are these stash pulls to round out the colour choices (we don't know boy or girl).

So collect some scraps; pull some coordinates if needed; clear your desk and open your mind.

Let's sew.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clean Up

After finishing the Junkyard quilt I decided that a change of colours was in order, and I am not talking about my stash (love those brights!)

I started by removing any notions that I never use....paper patterns that have outlived their usefulness, trash that will no longer be given sanctuary in my studio, fabrics that I couldn't stand to look at, embroidery floss better off in someone else's stash. I removed the no-longer-inspiring from my inspiration board, and evicted every hidden dust bunny.

My clean corkboard:

Finally got rid of my 2012 calendar.
My organized stash:

The view from my sewing machine:

The green bin holds thread.
Newly spacious cutting table:

Being uber organized makes it a pleasure to work.
A WIP back on the block for some chain piecing:

And a Pixie who found a "baby Jedus" (complete with manger) while I cleaned her sister's room.

Soon I'll have some quilty progress to report. I can tell you that I redesigned the Green Monstrosity, but it may be a little too small now. Coming up: picture of frustrated cutting.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Last night, after my Punk should have been in bed, I was sewing the last stitches of binding. She was so excited about her new quilt, that I had to finish it before I tucked her in.

After auditioning many bindings (including several black and white prints), I finally went for an extra hit of colour and bound the quilt in more orange.

It's pretty heavy. My husband didn't want to hold it up for long.

When he dropped it I got a shot of the vintage sheet backing.

My Punk is thrilled with her new quilt. It stayed on the bed long enough for a few pictures, and then I think it became a Baby Burrito Wrapper.

The Punk was so excited about all the colours that she didn't want to lay down for sleep last night. I let her sit up for about ten minutes so she could admire all the eyeball-searing brightness.

This quilt will be very loved for many years to come.

It feels very good to finish. Now, I'm going to pick another WIP and complete it....

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I neglected taking pictures because I was working so hard. Nothing appeared to be picture-worthy. I started the day by cutting strips for the last five blocks.

I did not realize that I was working so fast - I ended the day with a finished flimsy, and this morning the quilt was basted (thanks for your help, Pixie).

I am looking forward to the clearing of my desk in preparation for some free motion quilting.

This may be the closest my camera has gotten to the right colours.

I think this quilt really tests Quiltville's claim that "anything goes" with these Scrappy Trips.

The plan is clamshells. Perhaps even double clamshells. I was debating doing orange peel, but a lot of people have done that with their Scrappy Trips.

Next post: A finish!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Socks and Blocks

A finish: My first pair of socks. These will keep my feet roasty on cold Canadian nights. I couldn't seem to grasp the Kitchener stitch, but otherwise an easy learn.

Next, twenty more scrappy trip blocks for my Junkyard quilt.

I've made a total of thirty blocks. I thought that a 5x6 layout would be all right for a short person's bed, but I have my doubts now that I'm looking at 30 blocks all laid out.

It should be longer, right? She sleeps in a twin sized bed.....half of one, since she's pretty short. I'm sure she will grow and the quilt will not.

So how shall I add length? The prospect of cutting and piecing five more blocks give me that "ugh" feeling, but I will if I have to. Do I just give it borders? Put string pieced blocks along the bottom? Make fabric and randomly insert?

I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and dig out my colours again.....more cutting and piecing. I wanted so much to be giving my Punk a complete quilt for Valentine's Day. Not gonna happen now.


Where's my rotary cutter?

PS. My fugly fabric giveaway winner is Sam!! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Still Alive

And thank God for it! 8 days ago I fell victim to a "nuclear" case of strep...and then a cold, pink eye, and now a possible complication of the strep. I feel like I've been hit by a freight train.

On to my progress!

Before I took sick I transformed my neatly pinned strip sets into sewn strip sets:

And this afternoon those strip sets got a final seam.

I may have started secondary cutting....

My leaders-and-enders Jacob's ladder is ready for a new block to be sewn.

Having found a ball of mercerized cotton for $1 at the thrift shop, I venture into the realm of crocheted lace (destined to trim pillowcases).


I'm finally conquering sock knitting! See, Cheryl? I can be taught! I had to take a book out of the library for this monumental occasion. I learn the best through books; I'm weird that way. This would be a much easier lesson with a brighter coloured yarn, but I takes what the thrift shop offers.

As long as my health holds, I should be able to get some blocks done by next week....perhaps I'll even have a flimsy to show off! I've already decided on a backing and the batting is waiting. This shouldn't take too long (in my head).