Saturday, March 2, 2013

Strange Pieces

As I was looking through my scraps today I found some strange shapes.

I believe the point of using scraps is to use up as much as possible of available fabric. I'm going to try to use these with minimal cutting, shape altering, and waste.

My first thought was to take these two pieces and sew the straight edges together.

Then for a challenge I picked up these pieces.

Here is how I improv curved lines: Lay edges to be sewn on top of each other and trim both at the same time. Start with very gentle curves and work your way up to tighter circles.

This very strange piece suggested the use of most of it's space....

As a triangle. See how little I had to trim off once I matched it with another triangle?

These pieces can become any number of shapes.

Once you match the straight edges, you can sew either side.

Or you can cut here and there and produce one triangle and one odd football shape that I happily used in it's own block.

These pieces needed almost no trimming to become a Y-seam. I have *no* experience with Y-seams, so this is an experiment for me, too.

 This is how those last few matches turned out. The y-seam had a tiny bias wave in the corner, but no actual pleats - win for me.

These shapes were probably miscut pockets, and I could sew them together to make a heart for a bit of improv applique.

Instead I made HST's.

Then I used them as a frame to change the axis of the white piece.

I also did a spot of "slash and reattach" just because I could. I'll proceed further with this idea tomorrow.

Here is where I'm ending today.

The weird football shape was given a gentle curve treatment and became the star of its own block.

I sometimes like to use frames to finish blocks. This will be helpful to keep them individual when I piece the flimsy together.

I have a small collection of HST's, some weird shapes (not all shown), and some partially finished blocks.

I have a piece of very crazy paychwork....almost insane, really.

And lastly is this unit that has inspired further experimentation.

The point is just to grab pieces and make the match. Set up a dozen or so next to your machine; sew and press them; and then make more matches. It does not take long to get the hang of my crazy method of scrap piecing.

Tomorrow I'll so some improv pop blocks. I might even use a ruler.

But not likely.


  1. I truly admire your improv and fearlessness when putting things together. You have a natural feeling for colour and pattern, obviously. I got your package! Thank you so much! I'm working very hard on renovations and haven't been sewing much in the last couple weeks. Thanks again, and keep up the inspirational free spirit quilting.

  2. See this is where you and I differ. You see scraps and think "Yay! An improvised, free-form, awesome quilt!" I see scraps and I think, "Oh goody...more rags." LOL


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