Friday, March 2, 2012

Breakfast Time!

I couldn't wait to quilt this. I wanted to use it ASAP.

Because it is meant to be my breakfast place mat, I used as many fruit prints as I could. I bound it in blueberries - my favorite berry.

I love it! It goes well with mangoes. It is the perfect size for breakfast.

What's up next for Me March? Cuddling my sick Punk. She had a fever of almost 104 last evening, and she's slowly trying to keep food down.

I do believe that, between angelic spurts of housecleaning, I will get back to cutting the background for my Green Quilt. After all, it's for my bed.


  1. It looks really lovely! Now You can enjoy Your breakfast in style! :)

  2. That's so pretty -- aren't you afraid of spilling on it?

    Hope your Punk feels better soon.

  3. wow it looks great..... hope the invalid is soon feeling better x

  4. This is wonderful - I love it! I'll follow you and see what else you make :)

  5. Very cool piece. Thnks for sharing.


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