Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quick Fashion

Since I declared that March is Mine, the powers that be have decreed that it's a great time for me to be sick. For two weeks I was fighting a combination of head cold and something else. I may not be the best authority because I rarely get sick, but colds don't give you fever, right? Some kind of virus lived with us for us while. My Pixie suffered for exactly five hours (including fever and upchucking). She has an untainted immune system. It makes a parent proud.

Today was my first day back in front of my sewing machine. I drafted this pattern over a year ago and pulled it out for this occasion. It kinda looks like nothing special.

I cut out four pieces from knit. Sometimes I will use 2 knit and 2 cotton or flannelette, just to change it up.

I pinned the pieces together in pairs, right sides together.

Then I serged around all sides, leaving an opening for turning. I like to tie the tails into a quick knot instead of using Fray Check.

After a turn and a quick press (with steam), I tucked in the opening and pinned. A couple of inches of straight stitch closes it up.

The last step was to fold the pieces so that the lining was on the inside. I pinned the sides together and sewed closed four inches up from the bottom, and one at the top, leaving a 2 1/2" opening.

The result is these super warm wrist warmers/fingerless gloves! They are also reversible and popular with the young teenage crowd. They make an interesting fashion statement....

I've also made several pairs for my Punk. She is obsessed with having her hands and feet covered. I may make a few more for her, because she keeps chewing through her old ones.

And now that I have regained my equilibrium, I need to step up the quilting for the House Of Love quilt. It is my Scrap-Attack project. The deadline is two weeks from now!

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