Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Is Mine

I need a month.

I hardly ever take the time to sew for myself. After remembering that good feeling of making stuff for me (refashioned pants into skirt), I decided that March is my month! I will make two small exceptions for Easter dresses....but March Is Mine!!! I feel like I've conquered something....

I started today by trimming the ends off of some scrap strips. I took them to the ironing board so I could more clearly see them. They look much better pressed.

I transferred the pieces to my design table and began eliminating colours - starting with pink. I need this to be bigger than a mug rug, but not as big as a placemat.

My plan is loosely based on the "Confetti" blocks that are floating around cyberspace. I debated between two greys for sashing before choosing the light grey.

Finalize the layout and then briefly flirt with making this in ticker tape style. Do I or don't I? It would look good....

Naw! I cut tiny 1" strips from the grey. I wanted to use traditional piecing methods, but still maintain the size. I eyeballed the layout and mentally divided into easily sewn units. Then I started sewing sashing on.

Here's a shot of the magic....a very simple 1/4" seam, followed by a little trimming.

Have units: Add sashing.

Sew all of the units together. Trim where necessary. The chartreuse was waaay too big. Some of the sashing had to be pieced. This'll happen when you're using scraps of scraps.

Last step for today: square up. Incidently, it ended up being 12"x10" - exactly the size I had planned, even throughout all of my eyeballing, random trimming, and non-measuring. Sweet!

Tomorrow I plan to add outer borders....sandwich, baste, quilt, bind. All the things that steer my soul into happy waters.


  1. remembering to take time for "YOU" occasionally make you a much happier person xx

  2. Such a great little quilt. Love the colors!

  3. Very nice! Thanks for sharing your process.

  4. This is so cool and something I would love to try! found your blog through lily's SBM nice to meet you! x

  5. Love when things work out so easily! This looks fantastic and colourful.

    Liking that you've claimed March for you! Need to treat yourself with fabric-y goodness sometimes! :)

  6. Lovely fabric you have. Hope you make lots of nice stuff for yourself in March


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