Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good Work

I spent a day cutting.

I cut setting triangles for Rambo Bright, strips for block B frames, and I filled up my leaders and enders box with basics. The fabric on the left is pressed and ready to be cut into more B strips.

I created two new blocks for Rambo Bright. The race is on to see if I can complete this top in a week or so. The block on the left is mostly my Pixie's design, helped out by a little extra piecing to bring it up to size.

Another Jacob's Ladder block has emerged from leader-and-ender zone.

Remember this journal cover? I never did like the fit. The book slid around inside.

So I did some research and remade the cover.

This shot shows the practice piecing I *had* to do. I need the technique for a few future Rambo Bright blocks, and we all know that practice makes perfect.

Not shown is my extreme desire to piece some blocks today. Also not shown is the hairball that was coughed up on my sewing machine chair. I washed the chair, and it has been drying for a few hours.

Instead of piecing, I did something I've never done before: I pressed and sorted through ALL my scraps. I sorted into categories, instead of colour:

a) "Crumbs" went into the jar, destined to be transferred to their holding bag, waiting for a tiny piecing or ticker tape project.

b) Small pieces were stacked (more or less) and returned to my cutting table to be puzzled through and emerge as Rambo Bright blocks.

c) Medium sized pieces and d) pieced units are also on the chopping block.

e) Large pieces are now sitting on the bottom of the bin, along with

f) Strips, and

g) flannelette strips and h) flannelette pieces.

I may be brave enough now to put a towel on my chair and get some piecing done!


  1. Lovely work...I really like the Rambo Brights. Maybe a garbage bag and a towel?:)

  2. Like that your Jacob's Ladder is scrappy.

  3. Oh, I don't miss hairballs at all! ;) Thanks for sharing how you organized your scraps, Michelle. I've been trying to tackle mine and still not sure how to do it.

  4. Love the jacobs ladder , so colorful . I need to sort my scraps too :-)

  5. So much lovely colour!! Good job organizing. I got the sense that you kind of fell into the task without actually planning to do it. That happens to me all the time.

  6. Hairballs - yuck! Colorful scrappy blocks - LOVE!

  7. For such lovely scrappy goodness you are remarkably organized! ;^)

  8. I love the notebook cover, and I'm impressed you went back to make it perfect. Thanks for not showing the hairball. I get to see enough of 'em. :)


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