Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Medium

I thought I would switch gears this afternoon because the Rambo Bright flimsy is FINISHED. I cannot show pictures today because I need help photographing. For those of you who are local, I will be at Johnson's South at 10:30 tomorrow to show it off and to pick out backing and binding. Please come by and see it in person. I will post pictures here as soon as I get home, 'cause I'm so darn excited about this finish.

So what did I do that was new? I dusted off the ol' knitting needles.

Say wha....? I really don't knit. I could never get the right rhythm and I'm very slow. But I just couldn't resist when I read this post at Mari Makes. Tell me this is not the cutest idea - it was enough to inspire me to knit. I made a sweet little pair of mini-mitts. It only took 8 false starts before I could figure out how to do the "knit 1 purl 1" for the ribbing.

I am already planning to make a pair or two each week until Christmas season and then string them up to decorate our tree. I cannot decide what to do with the strings, so I ended up just tucking them inside. Here's a shot for scale:

Three inches! So terribly cute. And I'm so terribly impressed with myself. I may even attempt to knit mitts for my children, providing someone sends me a pattern (hint, hint). In the future, I might switch to a smaller size of needles for the ribbing - it looks a little loose to me.

The Pixie was also very impressed with the tiny mittens. She claimed them for her blue baby. This was taken just before she ran off with them.

Goodbye, sweet mini-mitts.


  1. Done it good. See you tomorrow. We will work on some photos Friday and then you can post it.

  2. Your mittens are just as cute as they can be. Thanks for the pattern source.

  3. Very cute! Fun idea to use them as ornaments! (You can weave those ends in on the inside if you want to get rid of them.)

  4. Cute, cute, cute! Here's a mitten pattern that I've made many times:

    Soon enough, you'll be hooked on knitting, too!


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