Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Gentleman's Christmas

Sometimes coming up with a cohesive post is a pain in the backside. My projects are all over the place right gifts, decorations, quilts, clothing - basically anything random but it needs to be done this month. And often needs to be mailed away as well, so there is a bit of time crunch.

Let's start with knitting.

Tiny mittens for decorating a tiny tree.
Moving on to paper.

I'm making these to give to teachers as gifts.
Can't forget fabric!

My entire collection of snack prints - I cut a 4" strip from each to use for journal cover creation.
Must include quilting!

Loosely trace around an existing stocking and make a sammich with backing and batting only.

Cover with quilt as you go strips. Lesson here: start with the heel next time.

Trim and sew to backside of stocking. Add a hanging loop and bind. No cuff necessary.

The truth is, this stocking is for the only Gentleman that I could love and my husband wouldn't be jealous. His caretaker doesn't celebrate Christmas (she's more than generous all year long!), but I saw no reason for the Gentleman to be left out. We'll pop in a gift card so that he can pick out his own treat....because it'd be very expensive to ship what we had planned to include.

Please keep or re-gift as needed. Good ending either way.
Lastly, some cuteness, because I can.

Now get back to work! The countdown is on.

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