Friday, December 7, 2012

Swirls and Photos

I've been doing a bit of this:

It doesn't take long for such a small piece, and I'd like to think that I've got pretty good control over my stitches - especially after this summer's Free Motion Sampler. I'm using high quality thread (Aurifil 50wt). I took my machine apart to clean and oil before I started. I put in a new size 90 quilting needle.

So why, on a piece no bigger than 20"x35", does my thread break 8 times?!?? It frustrates me. It's a good thing this wasn't a bigger quilt!

I quilted with swirls, to remind the viewer of that white stuff that punctuates Canadian winters. Here is the first layer of quilting complete. Now to switch colours and add details (also to applique the shapes!). It looks great in my head, and I hope my idea translates well to fabric and thread. I'll use black for the next layer....and it's Aurifil again, so I'm crossing my fingers that there will not be as much breakage! I knew there was a reason I love using King Tut for quilting. This is my first time using Aurifil for anything other than piecing. It is stellar for piecing.

What else has been going on? My Pixie has decided that the camera is her domain. In the past few days she has taken over 150 photos! Most of it showcases the world of  a three-year old. It's a unique many three year olds can add photography to their resume?

She takes pictures of her bedroom:

Made the bed all by herself.

Elmo is going to find a new home soon, to make room for mommy-made toys.
Her pets:


Ralph - so old he spends most of his days sleeping on a heat register.

Peebee, who requires petting at 9 o'clock, morning and night.
Her favorite toys:

"Patsy" the apatasaurus.

Other friends from the dinosaur bucket.

The Blue Baby tucked into the cradle Mama used at the Pixie's age.
And many, many shots of herself:

She takes pictures of her family, too, and her security blanket. A lot of her pictures get deleted from the camera before making it to the computer files because they're too blurry or weird subjects (like the lino in the kitchen).

And that is how we un-school a toddler....who is currently heavily involved in today's episode of "My Pet Monster." Sometimes un-schooling a toddler is complete fail....but she is a great artist! That's a full win!

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  1. Gramady LOVES the Pixie's Photos!!!


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