Sunday, December 9, 2012


Achievement unlocked: Thread Sketching.

I impress myself sometimes.

This looks exactly the way I imagined it would look.

It was made even more perfect by the other Unlocked Achievement: Two Colour Binding. I found the tutorial for the binding in the nick of time and worked last evening while the kids watched "Babe."

I hung this lovely little quilt on the wall behind the TV; this way I have something pleasant to look at while pretending to pay attention to the kids' cartoons.

It's the perfect touch!


  1. How wonderful. Isn't it great when the finished product turns out just the way you had imagined it?

  2. I love it Michelle! Joyful for sure!

  3. This is totally wonderful! So pretty

  4. that is so pretty - your quilting is exquisite!


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