Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Refashion #1

These jeans have been sitting around in my scraps pile for a couple of months. They've been patched once and I don't feel like patching them again.

So I chopped them off.

I sewed the center closed.

Then I took apart the legs, added some more scraps, and pieced some strips. I double topstitched all of the seams.

Then sew right sides together, press up and topstitch.

The bottom strip I did not take pictures of during construction. I sewed the patches wrong sides together so that the eventual fraying would be a design feature. Instead of a hem, I straight stitched 3/8" from the raw edges to create a stopline for the fraying.

Here is what the skirt looks like if I take a picture of myself.

I'll run it through a wash cycle to fray and then have someone else take a couple of photos.

Because I promised, here is a pic of my Punk in her new jumper, ready to go to school. She loves it. She actually had a tantrum when I took it off of her in order to hem it.

Next project!

It has been slowly hatching in my brain that a mugrug is too small to eat breakfast on.

See what I mean? If I put one bowl and a glass on it, I can't see the mugrug in order to enjoy it.

And if I have a bowlful of berries and a dish of mango, the mugrug disappears completely.

I must remedy this situation, stat!

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