Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just Sew

I took a deep breath and dove into the waters of creation.

I started simply. I was fearless in combining colours.

I gained momentum with each successful block.

I used up some fuglies....I added new stash.

 I had a huge, glorious, messy riot of colours - strips, crumbs, squares, triangles - strewn across my sewing studio.

I tried new ideas and new techniques.

My method is mostly "just sew." I truly believe that more is more when it comes to scrap quilts. I use every colour, every pattern, every fabric - and I rarely measure anything. My rulers are more for squaring up final blocks than they are for accurate cutting. There is nothing accurate about my works of art.

These drops of colour make me very happy. I didn't realize just how many I'd made until I started taking pictures. There are 26 blocks here, all 6 1/2 inch square. They are alternates for Rambo Bright. The total is now 35 out of 36 needed. The end is near!

I may need a design wall.

PS. I bought some fabric this week. Here's what $100 got me:

Spotty and dotty brights, just because.

These pinks and B&W prints are for a Big Girl quilt for the Pixie. I've been collecting them for a while. I may have to pull out the full collection just to display and pet...and fill in the holes with more fabric.

I've been looking for these ants (top right) for a few months. I fell in love when I saw them on Riel Nason's blog. I might go back and buy whatever is left in stock.

And the catch of the day  - a rainbow! I picked up enough to bind a twin size quilt, but now I think it may be the perfect finishing touch to Rambo Bright. I'll head back to that store, too.

My project for this week is a lot of road trip, a little camping, and some serious R&R because for the next two weeks it's vacation time!!!


  1. Oh, pretty blocks!!! Whoop whoop!!

  2. There's such a lot of vibrant energy in your blocks! (I like colour, too.)


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