Saturday, July 7, 2012

One Week

If you aren't counting the two days I couldn't sew a stitch on this little project, the time tally sits at one week.

One Week! To make a darling little toddler-sized explosion of colour. From idea to binding in seven days; I think I impress myself.

My Pixie likes it. She and the Punk had to try it out, fresh from being bound. Hail to the queen! Quilts of this size make excellent royal cloaks, don't you know?

The binding was a toss up between a bold black and white stripe, or this little orange speckled goodness.

I let someone else make the final call on binding. I would've gone with the black and white. I don't suppose it matters since this quilt will be donated within a day or so. I will see if my church can use it to raise funds for a project they sponsor in Africa: Home of Hope. I figured that a toddler/crib size would be appropriate.

I hope someone really loves this some day.

On a quick side note: I have been sent a Liebster award!! Thank you to Anna from Quiltmom's Journey for keeping me on your radar. I have been so busy making this quilt that I've neglected reading other people's blogs. I shall pass the award along as soon as I can sort through my list to find qualifying bloggers. I also need to read through the rules....I never thought this day would come....I am excited about my first blog award.

I am honoured that people take the time to check out my creations and my ramblings. Thank you again.

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  1. love the crossword shirt- your girls have grown so much this spring.
    It is always fun to pass on an award to others. I hope you will continue to have fun sharing your designs.


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