Thursday, July 19, 2012

One Monkey Off My Back

Why have I not posted some new quilts blocks or sewing projects this week?

Because of the monkey on my back....harassing me....causing me feelings of unfinished project guilt.

This is a tent (modeled by my mom).

My cousin commissioned a ruffled, pastel teepee for some photo shoots. She and a friend of hers create magical dreamscapes and insert their children - the results are fantastic, whimsical, and gorgeous portraits.

This should've taken only a few afternoons to whip up....but you know how meters and meters of ruffles can be incredibly daunting. It's been well over a month in the works. Even though the tiers were well pinned, there is so much fabric here that I could only sew two or three inches at a time before having to stop and shift. It took For. Ever.

I do believe that this tent looks like Neapolitan ice cream. I hope the photos turn out just as yummy. I'm passing the finishing torch to her husband who will be creating a frame for the teepee.

And one last shot, for Gramady.

A Pixie, sleeping like an angel. This is proof of the rare moments when she is not getting into trouble.

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