Friday, November 30, 2012


Buried under a huge "To Do" list, that is!

I've gotten any number of things finished, including a preliminary downsizing of books, the decluttering of my treadle sewing machine (much prettier when you can actually see it), and using all my powers of self-control to not injure the cat that's been peeing on my Pixie's bed.

I made a second pair of fingerless mitts (no picture) and hand sewed cotton lace to the bottom of a new thrift-store pair of jeans.

I began crocheting odd bits of yarn and may have started a new long-term project. I'll keep adding to it as I find more yarn at Goodwill. I've never used the join-as-you-go technique before, but I'm liking it already.

 Here's a random shot of my Pixie, doing what pre-schoolers do (daddy's boots).

And since I can find my ironing board (it's not covered by a mountain of fabric anymore), I am more easily able to focus on what needs to be done. Up first? I finished my new purse!

It's pretty! It's functional! And not much else. There's no pockets on the inside and I made the strap waaaaay too long and had to sew a pleat into it. You can see the pleat on the left. I'm going to pretend that it's a design feature - I just need to invent a purpose for it!

The back is much like the front.

The inside is colourful, but the lining didn't quite match the shell in the corners (I'm no Kay Whitt, people!). I fudged it by sewing some more patches into the corners and giving it a topstitch. Good enough for use.

Maybe next time I'll use an actual pattern, but more likely I'll continue to make it up as I go along.

Gratuitous Pixie shot:

One more for the Grandmas:

PS I confess....

I paid money to see Breaking Dawn part 2. I loved the part where everybody dies.

I hear that fans of this movie series have divided themselves into "camps" based on who they like the most and who they wish would "win."

I saw vampires killing other vampires and I thought, "Win-win." I'm on the side of humanity.


  1. wow! you have been busy... seems all the de-clutering is paying dividens xx I like your bag... could the pleat be used to hold a bottle of water ...or something!! lol xx

  2. Put a carabiner type clip in the pleat and have a handy clip, to hang things from, when you need an extra hand (like all the time).


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