Thursday, November 1, 2012


Sometimes a break from sewing is needed, so I've been dabbling in knitting. It started with mini mittens and now my collection looks like this:

That little yellow mitt is just a hair over two inches.
I was so inspired by the little mittens that I decided to learn how to make usable mittens. I went to the local Sally Ann and bought double ended needles....then I dove in. I miscounted my stitches first thing, but didn't notice until I was halfway through the ribbing (I hate doing ribbing!). I didn't want to re-do, so I fudged it.

Because all of my creativity is about winging it.

I actually did a happy dance last night when this mitten was finished. This morning I cast on the second one. I have no idea who will end up owning this pair because they are too big for my Punk and too small for me. (Anybody on my Christmas list have small hands?)

The dishcloth was just a pattern I made up based on a picture I saw in someone else's blog. I needed a new dishcloth.

And that is where the creative mojo has taken me this week! I'm only dabbling, mind you. Quilting is my first love, but there is something very satisfying about making wearable fuzzies using only a few sticks and some string.

This last shot is my knitting kit. As in, this one box contains every needle, accessory, and piece of wool I own.

Yup. I am not going overboard with the knitting thing. This winter I will conquer socks, too.


  1. hope they keep hands nice and warm xx

  2. "I am not going overboard with the knitting thing." Famous last words. :) "Fudge" is also a good word...and concept. Your mitten looks terrific! Good job!

  3. Your mitten is beautiful. Socks are just a tiny step away. Do not go and visit Ravelry, or you will be a goner!

  4. And tiny mittens need tiny sweaters:

  5. Those tiny little mittens are so adorable! I love them! Mittens are on my winter "to-do" list, but they have been for several years, so there's no guarantee they'll actually get done :) I have made a pair of fingerless mitts that turned out quite nice. Good luck on the socks! I've made one sock so far :-/


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