Monday, November 19, 2012

Santa's Workshop

Christmas sewing is in full swing! In between cleaning, cooking, referee'ing and cuddling, I've been designing, tracing, cutting, sewing, pressing and topstitching.

I put the Punk into her bed for a nap last afternoon, and the Pixie and I worked very fast together to make a new chewie for the Punk's Christmas present. Here you can see my Pixie pushing beads into the fabric tube.

I cut a 3" strip from fabric and sewed the long edges right sides together. We turned it with a trusty knitting needle and the tied a knot in the end. We took turns pushing beads in (Pixie) and tying knots (me). I secured the ends by sewing an elastic bridge from one end to the other, and the result was a chewie that can be worn as fashion. Of course, the Pixie was so determined to get the necklace wrapped that I forgot to get an "after" photo. You can see the partially complete chewie/necklace in this picture.

I made two sets of these diapers and wipes. I told my Pixie that we were making presents for her best friend, and she helped me without noticing that I made two of everything. She'll find out on Christmas morning. The diapers you've seen on this blog before. The wipes container is a very stiffly interfaced envelope, and the wipes are serged muslin. Hopefully this will stop the Pixie from using the Punk's disposable wipes on dolls.

From the pile of fabric shown yesterday, I cut the aprons. I cannot sew these with the kids awake - it would be too obvious. I also cannot cut out the elephant until after bedtime.

Lastly is a 99 cent shirt that will be given a skirt and gifted to the Pixie. She firmly believe that t-shirt dresses are the most "princess-y" dresses ever. She has several and she won't wear pants if a t-shirt dress is clean. I can totally get behind this [cheap] trend.

And that's it for now! You sew where the motivation hits....maybe I can get a bit of work done on my purse tomorrow.

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