Monday, February 11, 2013

Socks and Blocks

A finish: My first pair of socks. These will keep my feet roasty on cold Canadian nights. I couldn't seem to grasp the Kitchener stitch, but otherwise an easy learn.

Next, twenty more scrappy trip blocks for my Junkyard quilt.

I've made a total of thirty blocks. I thought that a 5x6 layout would be all right for a short person's bed, but I have my doubts now that I'm looking at 30 blocks all laid out.

It should be longer, right? She sleeps in a twin sized bed.....half of one, since she's pretty short. I'm sure she will grow and the quilt will not.

So how shall I add length? The prospect of cutting and piecing five more blocks give me that "ugh" feeling, but I will if I have to. Do I just give it borders? Put string pieced blocks along the bottom? Make fabric and randomly insert?

I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and dig out my colours again.....more cutting and piecing. I wanted so much to be giving my Punk a complete quilt for Valentine's Day. Not gonna happen now.


Where's my rotary cutter?

PS. My fugly fabric giveaway winner is Sam!! 


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  2. Whoohoo, go fugly fabric! Thanks Michelle. Also I really like your trip, I wasn't too sure at first but it totally grew on me.

  3. Kitchener stitch is one of those things that, when you get it, it is a beautiful thing. Look at some of the tutorials online. Some are better than others. If I lived closer, I would drop over and show it to you!
    The socks look lovely.

  4. Fabulous socks!! Well done. The Kitchener stitch used to be the gold seal of sockdom, but there are lots of other ways to handle the toe. Right now, I really like a Round Toe. You can see it here:
    Whatever number of stitches you have on your needles, when you're ready to close the toe (about 2 inches from the desired foot length), in the next round reduce to get to a multiple of 6. Then follow the directions on the blog. It makes a nice-looking toe, that fits a foot. I'm impressed you've done so well, all from book learnin'. :)


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