Thursday, February 28, 2013

Moving Right Along

This is a stack of 36 completed blocks for my Green Monstrosity quilt. I second guessed my redesign (or was that third guess?) and now I need another 13 blocks. I know the end product will make me happy, but I am a quilter who loathes accurate cutting.

The reason I'm telling you about despising accurate cutting is because I need a break from regimental quilting. Big green is going to be set aside because March has some actual deadlines! By the end of the month I need to have produced two spring dresses for my girls and a commissioned baby quilt.

That, and a quilt of this size intimidates me....I don't have the cash to send it out for long arm quilting quite yet. It's not an urgent finish. But stick around - I'm going to share my un-patented method of sashing-as-you-go.

Bye bye Monster....until later.
Baby quilt. I pulled these scraps from a previously sorted bin. They're all flannelette.

Inspiration at the top of the photo - my Pixie at two weeks.
Here's a better shot of the colour mix.

I'm going to do my best to show you my strange improv process. It's a little more than grab-and sew. Here is an example of my results:

Made in 2011 for my BFF's daughter.
I welcome you to join in my sewing frenzy. I have two weeks to make a finished quilt if I'm to have any hope of getting Easter dresses done on time. It won't be a quilt along, but it should make sense to follow. I can't wait to see what my brain churns out this year!

Joining my scrap grab are these stash pulls to round out the colour choices (we don't know boy or girl).

So collect some scraps; pull some coordinates if needed; clear your desk and open your mind.

Let's sew.

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  1. well... you have a nice DE-cluttered space to work in... so should be fine xx Good Luck x


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