Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clean Up

After finishing the Junkyard quilt I decided that a change of colours was in order, and I am not talking about my stash (love those brights!)

I started by removing any notions that I never use....paper patterns that have outlived their usefulness, trash that will no longer be given sanctuary in my studio, fabrics that I couldn't stand to look at, embroidery floss better off in someone else's stash. I removed the no-longer-inspiring from my inspiration board, and evicted every hidden dust bunny.

My clean corkboard:

Finally got rid of my 2012 calendar.
My organized stash:

The view from my sewing machine:

The green bin holds thread.
Newly spacious cutting table:

Being uber organized makes it a pleasure to work.
A WIP back on the block for some chain piecing:

And a Pixie who found a "baby Jedus" (complete with manger) while I cleaned her sister's room.

Soon I'll have some quilty progress to report. I can tell you that I redesigned the Green Monstrosity, but it may be a little too small now. Coming up: picture of frustrated cutting.


  1. WOW! how will you find anything! When ever I clean up I "loose" so much... can always find what I want when its in a "muddle" lol x enjoy the space xx

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  3. I love how you put cool colours in t a blue bin and hot ones in a red. And a clear cookie jar for ribbons? Brilliant!


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