Monday, October 29, 2012

An Hour At A Time

What can I do with an hour here and there? I can sew crumbs together.

I haven't decided what to do with these random units. Perhaps a new purse? My purse situation is getting desperate....Or a hat? An art quilt? Another Mod Podge canvass wall hanging? They sure are pretty - and tiny - most seams are only 1/8" or less.

My husband had a few spare hours the other day, and his musical/crafting self made a beautiful three-string guitar out of a cigar box! The music he makes on it sounds like hot lazy days and cool secret places. I love this, guy.

I had an hour today and an idea from a friend on I made a little kitty.

I spent $4 for the black shirt (it's inside out so the screening doesn't show as brightly). I used black broadcloth, elastic and fiberfill to make a very long tail. I used leftover felt and an old Dollar-store headband to make ears. I'm still debating how to give her whiskers....

Check out the very long drags behind her slightly when she walks.

You may think that we're weird for not celebrating Halloween; it's been suggested that we deprive our children (of diabetes and obesity, yes). But I'm not hard-hearted. My Punk's class at school has been working hard to earn their right to a party on Wednesday, and it just happens to be a dress-up party. And so my kid wears "$4 + leftovers = costume" that took the Mama an entire hour to throw together.

Those smiles are why we do this.

And the Pixie? She'll be in her everyday uniform on Wednesday....a fairy dress with little sagging wings.


  1. Take the tail off, and add black wings, and she becomes a bat! It can be a very versatile outfit.
    For whiskers, you can use an eyeliner (if you have one) to draw them on. We always had face paint at our house, because we loved to play dressup.

  2. Girl after mine own heart. Gramady don't 'do' Hallowe'en either. But I do give it up for All Souls Day, heheh.
    Hugs to the kitten and the fairy. And kudos to you and the tall guy. Costumes and cigar box guitarras make wonderful childhood memories.
    You guys rock!

  3. We don't do Hallowe'en either, and I think it's great you're teaching your girls true values, like health and happiness. =)


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