Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Little Every Day

If I only do a little every day, the quilts will still get made. Sitting at the machine is equally as painful as standing to cut, so progress is slow but progress is still being made.

I would like to make at least another ten blocks. They don't look so bad all together, but I think I'll focus more on very bright colours.

We have decided that this quilt will be for the Punk because she sacrificed her denim quilt for Daddy to use in his truck. She took a very keen interest in colour choice when she found that out that it will be hers. She stands right next to me while I cut, approving each choice.

With a 4x5 block layout, it will still be a little too small for the Punk's twin size bed. I may cop out and use borders to compensate for size. A good border might just pull all the colours together nicely. I do have some pink....Or green. My Punk loves green.


  1. I saw where someone (I forget who, sorry) used 5" blocks to make more scrappy trip blocks and she used those for her border, leaving the smaller ones as her center. It was striking that way and may work for you too.

  2. I love this scrappy trip quilt pattern Michelle- it is a popular one right now. Punk's quilt is going to fantastic- great bright colors and lots of fun fabrics to check out I am sure. A great border will be fun too.
    I hope you soon are feeling better- it is not fun to have so much pain.
    Warmest regards,

  3. Great looking blocks. I love the brights you have used.

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