Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stash Management

A quick look at how I cut out pieces for four quilts at the same time.

Iron your fabric and fold it for cutting.

When you square it up, don't just cut the tiniest strip you can get away with - cut off a good inch to inch and a half. This is quilt #1 Strips. Put your piece into a designated holding container. I use a mason jar.

Next I'm cutting 2.5" strips for the Scrappy Trip Around the World. I can get two usable pieces from one w.o.f. cut. Quilt #2.

After cutting these pieces to the required 16" length, I have these little leftovers. I cut as many 2.5" squares as I can from these bits.

They go in to my Jacob's Ladder box for use as leaders and enders. Quilt #3.

The last cuttings are crumbs. If it's too small to be a perfect square, but larger than 1/2" or so I save it in a jar designated for "crumbs." Quilt #4.

One jar for crumbs, one for strips. When full, transfer to a large zip-lock baggie and vacuum seal for longer storage.
Don't laugh at my tiny pieces. I made my purse out of this jar last month. I will show you how to do this once my crumb stash is replenished.
All that's left is tiny fabric dust and selvedges. Throw these in the round file and don't feel guilty.

So for the rest of the day I will be chopping up these fabric stacks....and I will have more Scrappy Trip blocks to show off tomorrow!

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