Friday, January 4, 2013

Four For Four

The fourth owl - a visiting teenager just had to have one and she picked out these colours. I love her, so I'm hustling the creation.

Four more blocks for the Scrappy Trip....I have the vague plan to put the lowest value fabric in the center of each block. It still looks messy to me. Whaddaya think? Keep going?

My plan for tomorrow is to sew my Christmas apron and the gift sacks - the ones I cut out on Boxing Day. Then they will all be packed away to surprise myself with next winter.

After that: More Scrappy!


  1. I love your owls! Your colours are always so bright and cheery, but I do kind of find the trip a little messy. Messy isn't bad, and I think with a little tweaking with placement it will come together nicely.

  2. So, hee, hee, looks like I'm Scappy-ing Along too. I think it's FUN even though I only have 3 blocks so far.

  3. Theses scrappy trips are everywhere. Nice one and the owl is cute!

  4. I like it and I love the owls:)


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