Monday, August 20, 2012

New and Clean

The New: my first cover for my design journal.

From this (yesterday) -

To this  - piecing finished and quilted -

To this - complete and bound.

The inside:

The outside:

The downside:

I tried to measure the book and standardize measurements so that I could eventually write a tutorial and/or make multiples with ease. Big, bad fail. The cover is too big! The book slides around in the large cover - especially top to bottom. I had better luck tracing the book and winging it. I guess I will never be the girl who can follow (or make) directions.

I did have some luck writing up the pattern for my Green Monstrosity, though. That quilt still needs to be finished.....I grew bored with cutting miles of background muslin. I do have motivation to finish - it can get chilly at night now! Today is a boiling hot day and I'm not expecting the night to be much relief, but the clear answer to cold nights ahead is more quilts! Who's with me??

Now for the Clean:

I cleaned my room. Celebrate with me, People! I've only been living here for 15 months, and I finally got my room clean!

Now it looks like a quilter lives here. Don't ask me to show you my husband's side of the room. Let's just say he was not as motivated as I was.

I have a lot of surface spaces, both wall and horizontal, that cry out for quilty dressing up. I have a list of measurements for toppers I need. This project will be a long while in the making.

Of course, if someone wants to help me dress up my space, I am more than open to swaps.

In fact, I'd love some swaps.

Let's swap.

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  1. The bed quilt, pillow and wall quilt look wonderful together - I love how dramatic the black and white is with all of that color. Celebrating with you!


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