Saturday, August 11, 2012


Instead of going to the Farmer's Market this morning, I sewed the matching aprons. I dig how they turned out. I should figure out how to get them to their new owners.

I also picked two lucky readers to get the presents that I had to give away for my birthday. Wendy wins the hexie papers just because she's the only one who expressed an interest in them (the easiest way to win a contest, I say).

For the Haida fabric, I wrote the names of the two interested people on papers and then called Vanna White over. She's been dressed like a fairy all day, wings included. (Her wings are wilting down her back.)

Then it was simply a matter of asking her to pick a paper. The one she chose said Grandma Coco. Congratulations to both winners, and thank you for sharing my birthday celebration with me.

I did a bit of laying around today....staring at my stash. I now have a less pathetic stash! I have been collecting specific colours for specific quilts....they're in a basket on my fabric dresser. I also have a plastic bin full of seasonal and novelty prints. It hides until the perfect time comes along - but most of the pieces have already been cut into (I can't resist).

Most of my stash is sorted into these two bins sitting on my studio worktable. I call this my Palette Stash.

You can see blocks for Rambo Bright piled up on the red bin. A rainbow strip set from 8 years ago graces the top of the blue bin, along with the backing for House of Love.

If you look close enough, you can see the inspiration.

This 36-patch popped out of my palette stash today.

It looks exactly like my head told me it would. And would you believe....I might add pastels for this new creation. (Deep breath.)

I only do what the pictures in my head tell me to do.

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