Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Absence of Children

This morning I dropped the girls off at my cousin's house so that I could have two days to recover my mommy mojo. Afterwards, I headed straight to the fabric store.

But I didn't buy anything; instead I added a couple of books to my Christmas wishlist. Then I went home and....

filled the dehydrator with Kale Chips...

juiced a huge bowlful of veggies....

and sewed the rail fence blocks onto the new wall quilt.

Then I watched a movie called Forks Over Knives, followed closely by Food, Inc. You may never, ever eat an animal product again after watching these...Warning! I am already vegan, so it just reinforced the decisions we've made as a family.

A quick dash to Stony Plain (about an hour from me) yielded the fabric purchases for the day. Why go so far for fabric, you ask? Because not a single fabric store in Edmonton carries laminated cotton! I phoned every one (and I refuse to shop at Fabricland when there are locally owned businesses to support).

These are all Amy Butler prints, the far right is the laminated cotton. I've never bought Any Butler before - nothing against the woman - but her choice of colours is not up my alley. She seems to start every colourway with that awful pale green and go from there. These are for the Punk's new school lunch bag.

This rainbow is the remainder of what $50 got me. The pink cupcakes print is for the Pixie's future quilt, of course.

And one more thing: I've decided to join a procrastinate-a-long. Er....Quilt-a-long.

My first cuts:


  1. I really have to get some of those chips assembled and into my dehydrator. It's still just so darned humid here. :( One of these days ...

  2. Glad you were able to make good use of your child free time. Lovely fabrics. Enjoy turning them into something beautiful.

  3. Michele,
    I am not sure but I think you might find the laminated fabrics at Quiltessentials in St. Albert- I don't know if Lori's in Sherwood Park carries them or not...
    My last couple of trips to Fabricland were not very successful- just getting too pricey for what else is available out there in some of the other shops. You might find the laminated fabrics at Marshalls but their prices are going up too. I am spoiled by having a large stash and buying on line - I know its not local but...
    I do not know sunflower sprouts- where do you find them- or did you grow them in your garden.
    Your red and green salad sounded yummy. Love the photo of your little one cutting olives.


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