Sunday, August 26, 2012

P is for...


After nearly two weeks of working like a dog to downsize and clean this little house (got rid of many full garbage bags and probably a dozen or more boxes), I am exhausted! My mom moved out and at the same time we converted our home to a fully raw-food haven. I've been very focused on making raw food meals that my kids will eat.

Turns out, if they're hungry enough they will eat anything. Here it's lettuce wraps:

So what does house cleaning have to do with my Punk?

My mom moved out; she had been sharing a room with the Punk. I spent a full afternoon sorting, washing, rearranging the bedroom. The Punk now has a bedroom that echos. She has three pieces of furniture (bed, dresser, and now, Nanny's old desk). She also has very bare walls. Echo....echo....echo....

It's embarrassing because I *make* quilted art and she has none on her walls.

So I hung up her baby quilt and told her to hold on.....I started by improv piecing some letters. We'll see where it goes from there.

I also took this little pile of scraps - they've been cut for two months -

And sewed together a single Jacob's Ladder block.

I even made sure the corners and points all matched perfectly....because I can do that, even though it's not my favorite way of making quilt tops.

Perhaps a bit of regimented patchwork will be good for my mojo. I'd like to set a goal for my scrappy Jacob's Ladder to be finished by Christmas 2014.

Now back to my Punk's walls....

....and my Green Monstrosity.

To the cutting table!


  1. you can do this! Think of the deprevation of bare walls xx

  2. I am so pleased with myself. I just realized I could click on your "improv" label and see more of your spontaneous approach to piecing. Very inspiring!! (I'm also impressed you get your girls to eat such good-for-them food!)


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