Friday, August 17, 2012

The Stuffing Realm

I started a little improv piecing....a few almost-square shapes, a few strips of ants. I had a little banner of colour.

And then my Pixie decided to start teething...we think she's cutting her four year molars, six months early. She had a fever that peaked at 103.9 and slept with me last night.

This morning, she was puttering around the house and found a little Fisher Price owl that her Daddy loved as a child. We explained that she could not add him to her stash of toys because of the toy's age. She very quickly put two and two together and politely asked me to make her an owl of her own.

How could I refuse my hurting child? This is who we came up with. She calls him Button Owl because of the button print on his body.

Button Owl was very quickly improvised. His eyes were appliqued from a black and white print that will eventually make it into the Pixie's next quilt (the fashionista in her has decreed that her bedroom shall be black, white and pink). His beak is a stuffed and squished triangle.

After the face was on she hit me with an upgrade in the request: her owl had to have the same wings as Daddy's owl.

Those little wings caused me trouble!! I did a. lot. of unpicking stitches, a lot of sewing and resewing, and maybe a little bit of swearing.

I love the way he is more pillow than owl....she already tossed him a few times this afternoon. Before Christmas, he'll be demoted from cuddly to bed accessory.

I didn't make a pattern, and I didn't photograph a tutorial. I really think that anything plush is better if you Wing It! I might even venture into the rag-doll construction zone before Christmas rolls around. If you want to make your own owl, then my only advice is to add the face before sewing the front and back together. I boxed his butt for more stability and pillow-ish-ness.

I guess this....

....will have to wait.

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  1. Poor Pixie! Fever + kid = scary!! I'm glad she looks happier in the photo with her owl.


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