Wednesday, December 28, 2011


In the time-warped and cluttered space surrounding the holidays, the earth turned a momentous corner. I know of a few people who celebrated it. Did you notice it, too? I look forward to it every year: the return of Light. In more ways then one, I celebrate Light during the darkest part of the year. My blood starts moving a little faster knowing that I have a few more minutes of sunshine every day. I eagerly watch my clock. Did the sun rise 10 minutes earlier than last week? This excites me.

Here is another corner that excites me: My mom helped me (spray ) baste this last evening.

Here is the future binding (love those stripes!) and the vintage sheet backing.

From this point, my goal is completion in two days.

I am excited about the new fabrics that joined my stash family yesterday. Also, two spools of King Tut Mummy thread; unfortunately it is pretty pale and my pathetic camera refuses to make any attempt at a good photo. No new camera appeared in my stocking. :(

This is awesome to me: brought home by my sweet Punk just before school break.

Cookie Tree! The gummy bears were the first victims.

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  1. Looking forwards to the new project. Thanks for commenting on my post about the project-of-the-month, I had been reading Gail Garber's book called Flying Colors...and decided to just go for it! The pattern was freehand drawn and then foundation pieced....I LOVE this technique..lets me be acurate and sloppy at the same time xx


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