Sunday, December 18, 2011

Did You See It?

Did you see it? Did you notice how every blogger on the planet is posting less frequently as we get closer to Christmas? It's almost as if there is life to be found outside of the internet.

Of course, I am maybe not the rule to follow when doing stuff for Christmas. My to-do list will not be completed until four years from now. But there are a few ideas that cannot be compromised for this Christmas:
- the Target quilt for the Boy
- one doll's nightgown (to clothe the perpetually nekked baby doll)
- one repair to this Christmas dress, which I made for the Punk last year (Mommy slacked off on the dresses this year)

Things that may get done before the end of January and still be considered Christmas gifts:
- Husband's Irish Chain
- stuffed twill suiting puppy (been cut out for a couple of months, now)

Stuff that's gotta be done in January or the kids go nekked:
- awesome brushed cotton twill trousers
- multicoloured corduroy pants
- longer and cuter shirts for the Punk (I might risk working with knits again!)
- pants made from this pattern scored from Value Village earlier today

A little thrill for me this week was watching this little tree grow: we found it at the Dollar(and-a-quarter)ama. It's just some kind of salt growing crystals on a paper base, but it sure is pretty.

And, Grandparents, I swear to you that these babies got cuter this week!

Here's my Punk all tucked in:

And here's the Pixie ready for bedtime:

 Daddy got home very early this morning, so for a special bedtime treat he sang lullabys in a way that only Daddy can. That Pixie always falls asleep with her blanky over her head; and for some weird quirk she prefers to enjoy her blanky during the daytime by holding up the corners under her nose. I'll see if I can capture it this week. If nothing else, it'll be prime footage for showing at her future wedding.

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