Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Quiet Sunday

For a day of rest, we sure did a lot of work today (so no sewing - except I bound one more ratty towel as a relaxation exercise). My mom came home after a few months abroad and we spent a good proportion of the day unpacking and getting her dog and my cats used to each other again. The kids need a little while to readjust to having Nanny back, but I'm sure by the end of the week we will have sleep schedules sorted out.

This pile of fabric has been gathering dust on the bin under my ironing board for a couple of months. It is mostly poly/cotton broadcloth, but I love the way the stack grew just so. I can see the quilt in it. It'll be a wall hanging, or maybe a series of wall hangings....either way I am inspired. I want to reach for my rotary cutter right now, but it is bedtime - and that's fun, too.

For some grandparent eye candy today, my girls are snuggled into Nanny's temporary bed (just until we can get her room ready).

Did I post yesterday? I know my brain was not entirely on the subject because I did not include Saturday's Random Secret Confession. So here it is:

Sometimes my reality does not run parallel to the actual truth, but they're still both correct.

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