Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Faces of Happy

It just so happens that today is Grandparent Eye Candy Day, and there was something else....

Christmas! Double whammy!

My new greeting for the holidays is Happy Hannakwanzaamas. My favorite greeting is Merry Christmas. My kids are on a sugar high, and my husband hauled in a bigger stash than all previous married Christmases combined. Also, I got some very unusual jewelry. I may even take a picture of it later - a golden thimble with the Captain and Winnie on it. He bought it in Ontario because he thinks of me while he's on the road. Also, he gave me the gift of shopping (he hates me), but since it was a $100 GC to my favorite LQS (he loves me) I'll accept and forgive graciously.

Pre-Christmas incident: The Pixie got herself into a compromising position involving a footboard.

Daddy rescued. Daddy is the Pixie's Rock Star. (Almost) better than Chuck Norris to a toddler.

Christmas morning was just one round of surprises after another. The first round was crowns, quilts, and guitars - found under the tree.

Then came stockings. Daddy and his clone got matching drumsticks.

They spent equal amounts of time tapping out the beats.....and rapier fighting.

The Punk chose a subtle approach to trying out the new quilt - using Nanny's method of pillows behind the back, quilt across the legs for warmth. This was the best Punk-ish smile caught all day.

The Pixie decided to take her quilt for a test run in Mom's arms. She fell asleep shortly thereafter (sweet!) and then woke up cranky when Daddy tried to lay her down in bed (humbug!).

The carnage:

Husband was the happy recipient of many Pixie-wrapped packages.

It was a great day. Next is roast beast.

Tomorrow I'm planning to baste my Wing-It 9 Patch - I want this cuddle quilt ready to cuddle by New Year's Eve. The day after that? There's a sale at my favorite LQS and I do have a large-demonination GC to spend.

Yes, I've been blessed.

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