Tuesday, December 20, 2011

High Five!

Because I have a two year old and a six year old (who thinks she's a two year old), we do a lot of high-fiving around here. It makes an excellent celebration dance for short people.

So show me some high fives, People! Today I pushed past sick kids, piles of neglected laundry, and frequent dog walking in order to complete the Target Quilt!!

I feel much more free to celebrate the holidays knowing that the kids I care for the most have awesome homemade gifts.

It is a custom designed twin sized quilt, made entirely of solids....not shown in the next photo is the dark green backing - the Boy's favorite colour. I dig the way these photobombers seek the front of the camera every time I pull it out.

I also love the way their sense of quality control ensures that no quilt shall leave our possession without first being tested for cuddle-ability, hide-ability, and durability. This one passes.

Although I absolutely will not be making any more full-sized quilts before Christmas, stay tuned for a possible purple mug rug....and anything else that takes my pre-Christmas fancy.

Baking To-Do list up next.... 4 days left!! I'm going to a Kindergarten concert tomorrow, and maybe a drive around Candy Cane Lane. I heart Christmas.


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