Saturday, December 3, 2011

Take 2

Who knew that someone as technologically inept as myself could erase an entire post just seconds prior to posting and never know how she did it? It was a tiny slip of the fingers on my keyboard...and another 1/2 hour of added frustration while trying to pull the post back out of my brain.

This past week I've lost momentum on my rapid Christmas quilting spree. I'm rebelling against measured lines and matched seams. I spent hours online searching for the right project to amp up my mojo again.

I found these cute origami dresses and folded a few for when we finally set up the tree. I also threaded a needle and strung these petals that I made two months ago. They turned into quite the pretty chrysanthemum. Now the question becomes: Do I hand sew pearls into the center, as I did for the kanzashi flowers on the Pixie's summer dress, or just hot glue a bunch of beads on and call it done?

Since I'm genetically programmed to be a seamstress, I knew that my rebellion could not extend towards being unfaithful to my loyal sewing machine. Last night I pulled some fabrics and went nuts with the improv piecing. This is what I came up with: After it is quilted and bound I will hang it on the bare walls in the girls' bedroom.

I have been on an enormous cleaning spree to get my home ready for this evening's expected guests. So far today, I:
- did dishes twice
- swept and washed kitchen floor and entry hall
- caught up on all the laundry
- baked three loaves of bread
- cleared and vacuumed the living room
This list still contains:
- wash children's bathroom
- shovel walk and driveway

The biggest, most dreaded job of the day was Cleaning The Kids' Room. (It was so bad, I had to capitalize it.)

Here are a couple of before shots: not showing is the stuff I threw away already because the f&%@ing cat keeps peeing on toys.

I dreaded this job so much that I procrastinated by folding laundry. Folding Laundry, People! Anyone who knows me is gasping because I'd rather do ANYTHING than fold laundry.

But I did it all in an hour!

Here's my system, in case anyone else dreads cleaning the kids' room.

1. Make beds.
2. Grab a broom and sweep everything into one big pile near the toybox. Then wash whatever floor you've just exposed. (I also swept and washed under and behind beds and dressers and select portions of wall.)
3. Sit down and work your way quickly through the pile, sorting into proper places. Today my piles were: garbage bag, book stacks, basket of small animals, shopping cart full of play food, and everything else went straight back into the toybox. I also kept out some Little People to populate the doll house.
4. Finish sweeping the leftovers into the garbage and wash the floor.
5. Put all furniture back into place.

And this the the result: They are unbelievably happy! The Pixie started cooking as soon as I let them back into the room.

The beds did not stay made for longer than an hour, but here is proof that they were made once this month. I also wanted to show off the baby quilts I made for them. They really need the new quilts I made them for Christmas. The Punk's quilt is called "A Star is Born," and the Pixie's quilt is called "Pink Baby." The afghans were crocheted by me, as well.

Now that I am more confident in my machine quilting, I probably won't hand quilt anymore. I do think that baby's first quilt should be quilted by hand. But unless I have another baby, or I get dropped on my head and forget where the foot pedal is, or I insanely start an antique reproduction project; all quilts from here on out will be an equal partnership between my sewing machine and I.

I should consider naming my sewing machine. I should consider naming all of my sewing machines.



  1. I remember those days well....they're all moved out now.

  2. Hi Michelle, I like your very modern quilt. There are so many people making quilts this way.
    I'm sorry, but I like 'm a little bit more regimented ...
    As for those kiddie rooms: What a mess (before!) Horrible hard work for you and they can start all over again.
    What we used to do (when they were over 4): they had to clean their own room. I would do the vacuum cleaning, but they would have to clear up if they didn't want it to be sucked up.
    Quite a relief to me, then.
    Now they've all spread their wings.


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