Friday, December 30, 2011

Not Just Quilts

I didn't tell you yet, but I actually broke my open-toed free motion quilting foot on that 9-patch beauty. My closed-toe backup foot was put to use in order to finish the last two borders. I need to wait until I can get another open toe foot before I can finish, say, my Dark Side quilt. This means that quilting is a no-go for just a teeny while.

Today the Pixie and I wrapped up some loose ends on a project that's been cut out for a while.

The pattern is from Jennifer Paganelli's book "Girl's World." We gave him purple corduroy ears and overstuffed him. He is exactly the right size to tuck under a small arm and tote around the house.

After his initial play session, it was declared that he needed a collar and leash. You need to walk a dog so that he can poop, right?

Our real dog wasn't terribly impressed, but he didn't seem to be intimidated, either. Maybe he was wishing that the new dog would take some of the girls' attention from chasing/pulling/teasing him.

Now that Christmas is over I'm going to be switching gears for a week or so and focus on making children's clothing. My girls are rapidly stretching in the leg and arm area, and quickly wearing through the clothing that I made for them this fall.

I plan to make some twill and corduroy trousers for both. I'm going to make each a new shirred peasant blouse (or two). The Punk could use a hoodie and a new dress.

I'm going to trace patterns and cut fabric for a couple of days and then start sewing on January 2. How much can I get done before school starts again on January 9?

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