Sunday, October 28, 2012

Do Not Sew This

It wasn't a crisis, but it stopped me from posting for a week. My computer randomly stopped giving me previews of pictures and I had no idea where to find and post my projects without seeing them. Husband was away at work for six days and he is my computer whisperer. He fixed the problem late last night and the result is you getting to see my crazy fabric workings from the past week.

Remember that bottle of Mod Podge I had purchased? I didn't feel like sewing this week (needed fresh mojo), so I went nuts with some 'Podging.

First was the Pixie's night table, of course. Then I moved on to cover her switchplate in fabric.

I also did mine, using a picture cut from a magazine.

And then I did a little math when I was sorting through my desktop, looking for inspiration. Mod Podge plus fabric plus canvass plus paint equals.....

I loved that result so much that I whipped out my crumb stash and an even larger canvass. This is the reason you should save even tiny bits of scraps. The result is one of my favorite pieces of art, ever. My Husband thinks that I'd fit in well in Mexico because of my love of bright colours and chaos.

Here it is again, in place on my wall next to some flowers that have been there forever, just waiting for some companion wall art.

I also knitted a few more mini-mittens and a dish cloth based on a pattern that I didn't have, but it worked out well anyways. I can post more pictures later (now that I have the settings on the computer fixed). This last shot is the wall over my dresser. It's starting to look lovely.

You see? Even if you don't sew, playing with fabric is still fun....because it's all about fabric, right?

Wait until you see what else I've been doing with crumbs!!


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