Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just Two

This is the pillow that sits on my couch. It is old. It has holes, Sharpie marks, dirt, grime. It's ugly.

After some serious thought, a little cutting, and a bit of arranging and rearranging I came up with this pillow cover.

Much better! It is alternating strips of repros and music neutrals. I quilted it with poly in the middle, just because I had a piece that fit. The back is a navy blue corduroy that my camera hated so much it refused to take a good picture. You'll have to trust me on the colour.

In other news, my first Christmas project of the year is complete! I have no problem posting pictures of everything here because not many people on my list read this blog.

Those of you who are on my list and are reading this, take note: If you see a gift and it screams "you need me" then by all means drop me an email to let me know that you will be incomplete without that specific item. I will try to accommodate. Not every gift is made with a specific human in mind.

Some are made for specific people, but I won't tell you who. Chances are, the recipient can guess.

Yes, it's a journal. Most adults will get one this year. Most gifts that we're giving away will be homemade. Even our kids are only getting one store bought gift plus stockings. We already have too much stuff to justify buying more!

I hope the human who gets this falls in love with it. I certainly have.


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