Sunday, October 14, 2012

Girly Stuff

Today is going to be an almost-lazy Sunday. It's just my girls and I at home, so we'll do some cleaning, perhaps a little cookie making, definitely some sewing! Here's what I have to show you today....

First up, my diary cover. It started with a piece of patchwork like so:

And it look like this after being sewn up:

I love it! It's just the right mix of girly and bohemian to suit my personal style.

I also delivered a little elephant to his new owner:

My Pixie named this little guy "Flumpy," as in "He's so squishy and flumpy." I love toddler talk.

Hopefully tomorrow I can show you pictures of a pillow cover I plan to make. You see, we have a very ugly, very old pillow that sits on our couch and gets used every day. It begs to be made pretty. That is today's sewing project.

And this is the end!


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