Thursday, October 4, 2012

For Ladies Only

I was supposed to be making the backing for Rambo Bright. We picked out this lovely stack of batiks (I know the Bride loves batiks). Somebody (Cathy, most likely) will slap my wrist for not working on what needs to get done. My bad. ;)

Instead I was doing a little research into feminine health. You know what I'm talking about.

What struck me was a little post someone had written about how dangerous disposable products are - how detrimental to fertility. If you think about it, she was right: We buy products that are bleached, chemically processed, not sterile, of questionable origin....and then shove them up our sweet spot for several days a month. Those chemicals and bleach have ample time to be absorbed directly into our reproductive organs and wreck havoc by depositing carcinogens, destroying fertility, irritating sensitive skin and organs, not to mention the amount of gross that piles up in landfills and decomposes about as fast as a diaper (500+ years). Yuck, and no thank you!

While there truly are many options available (I'll leave some links at the bottom), most women don't know that they don't need to spend $7 a month just to be a card-carrying female! So I came up with these:

They are colourful, reusable pantyliners! Just rinse or soak and throw into the washing machine. It doesn't get easier than that. This option saves money, saves the environment, and saves men the embarrassment of shopping in that aisle when we can't get there ourselves. It could also protect your fertility, protect against cancer, and won't irritate sensitive skin (a very widespread issue, as I found out).

I am definitely going to be designing full sized protection as well, but for my chosen reusable option these are all I need! These might make a great Christmas gift for the women in my life.

Here are some links for further eye opening reading:

The Museum of Menstruation

Reusable Menstrual Products

Natural Parents Network

All About My Vagina  (Not for the faint of heart)

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  1. Hey, sweetie. A salt water soak works well. If they're white, bleach won't hurt 'em. While I don't suffer leakiness myself, I wish there was a paddier one for senior ladies who do. It's even more embarrassing for older menfolk to enter the Depends domain. A lady neighbour asks me to pick them up for her because it's too blushy for the old fart. Good job raising awareness, btw.


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