Thursday, October 11, 2012

White Motivation

The sky was falling yesterday.

This white stuff is like a herald, proclaiming the season, telling me to get my butt in gear - Christmas is not far away and I have many, many projects to complete before then!

I almost like the first snow of the year. After that it gets monotonous.

The Shorties have no issue with the seasons changing. Icicles are a delicacy, don't you know?

My motivation has forced me to almost complete a stuffed elephant - named "Flumpy" by my Pixie - but I need a bit o' felt to give him eyes. Reveal soon.

Also, I had a minor fail when sewing up the backing for Rambo Bright. You know that saying, "measure twice, cut once?" It does not apply when you had the wrong measurement in the first place. I measured correctly according to the figures floating around in my head....but I came up 6 inches short when the pinning was done. Wha...?

Turns out, I measured the correct length for the quilt itself, and not the backing. It was easily corrected with a piece sewn on to the ends of the short panels. I used my fail to my advantage and mixed up the prints a little, instead of matching like colours. It is a scrap quilt, after all. Have you noticed that I don't "do" matching very well?

Set aside that backing! Up next is a cover for my diary, made with very carefully hoarded oriental prints.

And after a concert in my living room.....

I feel the need to make lists. In fact, I could make a list of all the lists I need to make.

List of Lists:
- list of Christmas sewing to do
- list of areas in my home that still to be cleaned, downsized, and reorganized
- list of books I need to own
- list of groceries to buy at the farmer's market on Saturday

Too much!!

Back to the concert.

These girls sure know how to sing!


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