Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Did you know that the internet is magic? If I show you a picture like these fabrics I pulled two days ago....

....I can also show you the magical time-lapse version that I saw yesterday: One finished block.

Then, of course, you could go ahead and speculate what that single Circle of Geese block will transform into in the future. Will it be a new quilt? A pillow? A journal cover? None of the above. You'll get to see my completed genius idea in a couple days - after a trip to Michaels. At least, I hope what I need is at Michaels....

This next picture is another stroke of genius. It is a confetti block for the label on the back of Rambo Bright. I'll write in the blank space and surround it with loads of batiks. It's first on the list of things to complete tomorrow. (Someone asked when is the wedding....It was last summer. This was promised to the couple because I went empty handed to their nuptials.)

There will soon be many more lists in this house....a list of spaces yet to be cleaned, downsized, and organized....a list of gifts for our homemade Christmas....a list of WIP's that need completing because they'll keep us from freezing in our beds at night (the best projects!)....a pink cupcake quilt to design....some more tiny mitten knittin'....and this:

A late birthday gift for a 17 year old. She's gonna love it!

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