Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lesson 1

For my first trick, and because I'm pretty excited about having a place to share my creativity, I present some recent artistic results.

This is the quilt I made for the Punk's Christmas gift. Because of her disabilities, we're experimenting with using weighted covers while she sleeps. This is a re-purposed denim top, salvaged fleece batting, and thrift-store sheet backing. Binding coming soon.

Also pictured is the Pixie (this household's favorite photo-bomber) in her me-made Hallowe'en candy corn outfit. She and her best friend were matching.

Since I do not believe that this blog will be shared with my BFF until after Christmas, it is safe to share the quilt I made her daughter as a Christmas gift. I call it the "Pop Culture Sampler." It is loosely displays some recently popular piecing/quilting techniques. Can you believe that this kid (who is only 5 months younger than my Pixie) has never been given a baby quilt? How deprived can a girl be? Shown below only half quilted, with the Pixie testing it for size, warmth and hide-ability.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll work on finishing the "Dark Side: Modern Churn Dash" quilt. Or I could fold laundry (my arch nemesis).

Yeah, right.

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