Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Paying My Debt

A friend of ours did a favour for us on Monday morning - about 1 o'clock on Monday morning. And to repay him, I put some flour and shortening in a bowl.....

.....And made this lovely pastry dough.

Then I took 5 pounds of Spartan apples....

.....And chopped them up to mix with some sugar and spice.

Then I put it all together in a very specific way, and added heat. Here is the result:

I'm going to feed one of these to my girls for supper and not feel guilty. Two go to repay my debt.

I also managed to piece together a backing for the Pixie's Circle quilt. After I was finished, I pointed out to myself that since both sides are flannelette, I have made the necessary parts of a reversible quilt. Good on me.

Basting tomorrow. Shopping Thursday.

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