Friday, November 18, 2011


Today the stacks of beautifully cut fabric were sorted....I love this tip! Sort before you sew, just to ensure an even distribution of prints and colours. I didn't want to get to the end of the project and have only green to piece with green, 'cause there's a lot of green on this quilt.

Then I wisely made a few test runs of this curve. No fearing these curves, People! Easy peasey....almost as easy as free-form curves. (Free form curves is a lesson for another day - also very fun.)

From there I started pinning and chain-piecing "for real."

And while I was pinning, I happened to notice a slight problem. A rookie error. An amateur mistake.

I did not check all four layers of flannelette before cutting, and as a result this one lonely piece was short changed.

Meh. Cut a new one and carry on.

This is another reason why quilters MUST buy so much fabric. It's a simple matter of our humanity - we fail at times. Extra fabric helps us us fix our fails.

And this is what 80 oversized drunkard's path blocks looks like after they've been chain-pieced. It's a thing of beauty, truly.

I'm so proud! But then I checked the standard twin mattress sizes....39"x74". And this quilt will finish at 70"x 56".

To embiggenate or not to embiggenate? That is the question.

Also keep in mind that the Pixie is pretty petite. She only uses the bottom half of her twin-sized bed. (She's decided that the foot end is more comfy for her head.)

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