Thursday, January 26, 2012

As Promised

Well, I said two days, right? Here are the finished quilts.

First up is Bunny Trails. It is 41"by 26".

It really needed binding to make the colours pop. The binding is made from leftover scraps....some from the Punk's denim quilt, some from the Floating Fruit trivet, and the piece along the bottom is from the Christmas tree skirt. I love how the quilting turned out.

And now for The Dark Side.

 The full name of this quilt is "The Dark Side: Modern Churn Dash." My skills weren't quite up to quilting exactly as I imagined, so I consulted with The Husband. As usual, his suggestions were spot on. We love the juxtaposition of flowers and curves on the Light side, and a more industrial design (almost like pipeworks) on The Dark Side.

 The size ended up being just shy of 40" square.
There is an inscription on the backing, next to a bloodstain, that documents a bug bite the Punk got on July 8, 2011. This puts the start date of The Dark Side in June of 2011. I believe that this has been my longest WIP.

 I drafted the bi-polar pattern myself, based on a traditional block. I had the idea that it would make a very cool twin size, maybe done in black & white and neons.
 I overcame my dread of learning how to miter corners on this quilt. I also do not like how the ditch stitching turned out and I may go back and fill in more areas with FMQ. I'll have to consult with the Husband (since his artistic suggestions have already made it onto this work).
I am most certainly going to use both of these FMQ patterns again. The pipeworks was so quick! Plus it used up about half the number of bobbins as the flowers.

I think the plan for now is a couple of days away from my machine - shopping, sorting books, moving furniture to give the Pixie her own room. After that? The Pixie picked out these fabrics and requested a new dress. She's got an awesome fashion sense.


  1. I really like dark backgrounds on quilts, I think it makes the colours pop so much!

  2. What an awesome contrast.......Love It!

  3. I especially love "The Dark Side"'s fabulous.

  4. Love the contrast of color and quilting in your "Dark Side" quilt - just fantastic.

  5. I am in love with your dark side quilt!

    And I love scrappy binding! Great job on both! Whoop Whoop!

  6. I love the purple fabrics Michelle- paisley is one of my favorite designs.
    Churndash is a great block - I really like the way you have set the blocks with the diagonal line across the middle of the piece. I did a churndash watercolor wallhanging quilt. It is a lovely traditional block. Your first quilt turned out beautifully too.
    Thanks for sharing. Regards, Anna


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