Sunday, January 15, 2012

Creative Chaos

Quilting has EXPLODED on my creative space. It feels so good to not match the air is sweeter, colours are brighter, brain is churning out endless possibilities. Blocks for Rambo Bright are starting to pile up.

This is my studio this afternoon:

A delicious and inspiring mess.....which led to these blocks. This first one started out as a vague idea for flying geese, but it very quickly communicated to me that it was meant to be a star not an aviary formation.

These two blocks are Jolene and Jim-bob. (Every block has to have a name, right?)

And this is most of what has been created so far.

Looking at it from this angle, I can tell you that one block needs to be chopped in half and reassembled. Also, free-range stars are much easier to make than anyone could guess. And for those of you who are not brave enough to play with random cutting and piecing the way I do; there is ONE matching seamline.

Photobomb of the day:

There is not a lot of grandparent eye candy this Sunday, but I can give you grandparent brain candy: The Pixie spent an hour (while I was sewing) rummaging through her dresser and trying on different outfits. She spent a lot of time practicing getting dressed solo. And she's got a pretty good sense of style. This outfit is one she put together all by herself.

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