Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Eye Candy

Before I jump into this week's Grandparent Eye Candy, please behold the Punk displaying the pink paisley for her sister's new dress. She helped me with the cutting layout.

We've gotten most of the pieces cut out, save for the no-hem band for the skirt. The Chocolate Cherry Pixie Valentine Dress coming this week!

While I was working hard to finish two quilts last week, the Pixie decided that it was an excellent time for some crafting. I guess it was more tiring than she bargained for; she fell asleep in the middle of glue, scissors, googly eyes, paper and more.

That same day, I discovered that my girl was keeping emergency snacks hidden. I fail to see the logic of lining grapes up on the water cooler.... You'd probably have to be a toddler in order to understand.

The Pixie also got a new room this week. The girls had been sharing one room, but due to safety issues the little one had to be removed from the Punk's watchful care. Here she is trying out her new bed the second we got it home and made. The boxes in her room have yet to be cleaned up to make room for her personal furniture and toys.

Here are some Pixie ballet action shots taken after the new bedroom was organized and cleaned. She is so stoked to have private space of her own! You have no idea.... heck, I had no idea that [normal] toddlers needed this much time to themselves.

Observe the grace! The emotion! If she doesn't end up on a stage at some point in her life, I might question the strength of her father's genes.

On a side note: the Pixie and I watched a couple of tv shows about archeology and ever since then this spoon (in her hand) has been her constant companion. Why? Because shovels are too big to find little things in the ground, of course! The snow on our yard has little spoon shovel marks all over it....future career, perhaps?

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  1. lovely pictures of the girls xx future jobs seem set ... hopefully not in stone xx


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